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Turn Off Timer Features

    • Displays Countdown:
      • As Turn Off Timer is running the program will always display how much time is left until the timer hits 0

    • Shutdown or Restart:
      • Turn Off Timer allows you to have the actions of shutdown after timer and also to restart after timer

    • Forced:
      • The Forced checkbox lets you choose whether or not you want the applications running to be forced closed, this means an application would not be able to delay or stop the shutdown/restart process from running

    • Tray Icon:
      • Turn Off Timer has a tray icon built in and it has the feature that while running a task if you accidentally close Turn Off Timer it will minimize itself to the tray icon and give you a notification to let you know

    • Pause Button:
      • The pause button allows you to pause the countdown for how ever long you would like incase there is a small amount of time left and you still need to use it