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Multi-Process Killer Features

    • Kill Multiple Processes:
      • Multi-Process Killer lets you kill many processes at once by selecting the checkboxes next to the processes you want to kill and press the kill selected processes button

    • Change Refresh Rate:
      • The program allows you to change the refresh rate which is how fast the table holding the list of processes refreshes

    • Process Table:
      • The table allows you to organize the processes by name, pid, and memory usage to help you find the processes your looking for quicker

    • Tray Icon:
      • Multi-Process Killer has a tray icon for quick access to the program, that way when you click the minimize to tray button the tray icon will be open so you can click to open and kill the processes faster

    • Number of Processes:
      • The program will always show how many processes are running on your computer