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JFRemover Features

    • Over 100 Programs To Search:
      • JFRemover comes with over 100 programs junk files to scan so that it can let the user have more options to clean out junk files from popular applications. Some of the places it has are Most Browsers (Temporary Internet Files/Cache, History, Cookies), Microsoft Office, Windows Temp, User Temp, Adobe Products, Apple/iTunes, Java, Skype, Windows Media Player, and many many more (to view them all click here)

    • Analyze Checkbox:
      • Incase you want to see which files are going to be deleted before they are deleted when you select the analyze check box it means it will be a trial run without any deletions while still showing you the files and the space that will be gained

    • Detailed Log:
      • The program has two different logs, there is the simple log which is default shows you the sum of each category or there is the detailed log which will show you every file and if it has been deleted or not

    • Options Window:
      • The options windows is where you select the programs you want cleaned, they are organized in tabs and the buttons at the bottom (select all, deselect all, and default) make it easy to select the ones you want quickly and revert to default options fast it also has the save button that will save your options if you want to use them again

    • Cleaning Info:
      • JFRemover will show you the number of files being deleted and the amount of space your getting back while it cleans (analyzing shows this information too, but wont actually be deleting and gaining the space)

    • Hard Drive Info:
      • The program keeps your system drive information at the top to show you the total space the drive has by default and the free space the drive has now